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Lost Pines Lodge - Never was a place more aptly named than Lost Pines Lodge. No matter which way you approach it, you're convinced long before you arrive that your entering into a slice of paradise. Arriving at a sprawling complex of chalets, stables, garages and other outbuildings dominated by a big Hotel with its own Bar, Restaurant and Gas pumps. Lost Pines Lodge is large enough to qualify as a small town. The most permanent resident is

Ann Kahner, who came here 56 years ago with her husband and built this resort from the ground up. She is  the Manager of this year round resort, supervisor, construction supervisor, interior decorator and all-around great cook.


"I just love it here," quotes Ann. The idea seemed to have an instant appeal for skiers, snowmobilers, hikers, horseback riders, hunters and other recreational enthusiasts. Interest and popularity began to swarm as soon as the lodge opened in 1961. Vacationers for all seasons continue to return for a fun family getaway. Eighty percent of our business is repeat customers. Rick (Ann's son) raised his own family here at Lost Pines Lodge.


A family owned turn key resort.  In business for over half a century.  



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